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Our Story

Owner Jason Smith started researching RV parks and looking at area property in 2016. “I saw a need for it,” he said. “My relatives own Boggs and Boulders. I know a lot of folks in the Destin area. My wife is from Illinois and some of her relatives are snowbirds. They can be close to the beach without being down there in the middle of it. The parks down there are booked up a year in advance.” So in the Spring of 2019, Jason and Dawn Smith started the development of The Oaks Family RV Park and Campground on Brooklyn Road.


Smith said he was looking for property in the county and found the Brooklyn Road location when he went to look at a tractor he was interested in buying.  “I ended up buying the property,” he said. “All 32 acres.”


He had visited a number of RV parks as he looked for just the right location, so once he had the property, he designed the park and got to work. And while the park has opened, it won’t be finished, but rather a work in progress. There are plans to add a splash pad, a dog park, and a barbecue pit. By the Spring of 2020, the Smiths will add kayak and canoe trips to the menu at The Oaks.  

As word of the new park spread by word of mouth, the response was positive. People were already contacting The Oaks for rentals, Jason Smith said. “We didn’t have the cabins up yet, and they were all rented for our first Thanksgiving,” he said. 


The park offers concrete and gravel RV pads; RV rentals; family cabins; glamping tents; and primitive camping. Amenities include fishing, a bathhouse with private rooms, a children’s playground complete with zip line, and golf cart rentals for getting back and forth to the spring-fed pond. Visitors will have access to wi-fi in most of the camp. 

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